How to get the Spanish Citizenship

If you have been a continuous legal resident in Spain for a certain period of time, you will be able to enjoy the possibility of applying for Spanish citizenship and being a full European citizen.

You will have access to this possibility:

  1. If you currently hold a passport from any Latin American country or from the Philippines and have legally lived in Spain for the last 2 years.
  2. If you are married to a Spanish citizen and have legally lived in Spain for 1 year.
  3. If you are not in any of the above options, but you prove that you have legally lived in Spain for at least 10 years.

You have several options.

Spanish Citizenship


 All pages of any applicant’s’ passport.

 Current and previous residence permit card (T.I.E.).

 Legalized birth Certificate issued in the last 12 months.

 Criminal record certificate from the country of nationality and from the country of birth if different, issued within the last 6 months and legalized.

 Updated Criminal record from Spain.

 In case the applicant is married to a Spanish citizen, the latter's DNI must be presented, as well as his/her updated Spanish birth certificate.

 Historical Census certificate issued in the last 3 months.

 Current Census certificate and cohabitation certificate, both issued in the last 3 months.

 Certificate for having passed the minimum required level in Spanish language through the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). This requirement will not be requested in the case of applicants with a passport from any Latin American country.

 Certificate for having passed the test on General Knowledge on Spanish Constitution and Culture (CCSE).

  Proof of payment for the residence application fee for Spanish nationality (102 euros).

  Successful integration Tests in Spanish society.

Featured Information

  1. If your country is part of the Hague Convention, which is the most common case, foreign documents must be legalized with the  Hague Apostille
  2. If your country is not part of the Hague Convention, documents must be legalized by the authorities of issuing country as well as by the Spanish embassy in that country. Check here if your country belongs to the Hague Convention.
  3. Documents drawn by the authorities in these countries are exempt from legalizing or the Hague Apostille 
  4. All documents issued in a language other than Spanish must be translated by an official sworn translator. At Visal Immigration we can take care of managing this translating service for you.
  5. The aforementioned documentation is not an exhaustive list, which means that during the permit process, the Spanish Administration may request more information or further documents.

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